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Our Mission


The National Agribusiness Technology Center (NATC) is dedicated to promoting the use of advanced products in protecting our food supply chain. To that end, the NATC will:

  • Research and review available technologies as they relate to agricultural safety
  • Promote such technologies to encourage uniformity of adoption
  • Provide a clearinghouse for the exchange of ideas related to food safety
  • Encourage educational opportunities related to protecting the food supply
  • Work with governmental agencies to assure meaningful oversight of the food supply chain
  • Outreach to the public to inform them of food safety issues.



Supporting 42 applications in 32 states, AgraGuard brings hands-on expertise to State & Local Governments, assisting in their role of protecting the nation’s food supply and the public’s health.

AgraGuard is a comprehensive suite of Microsoft-based software solutions offered under license from the National Agribusiness Technology Center. Since 2008, agriculture departments and agencies in over 32 states and 42 organizations have implemented one or more AgraGuard components. AgraGuard thus represents a practical, effective means for state agencies to use public-sector software to support them in their role of protecting the nation’s food supply.


USAHERDS is a Microsoft-based enterprise repository for animal health data. It provides all data elements needed by states to manage and monitor animal health within their jurisdiction; report test results to USDA’s Veterinary Services; and prevent, control, eradicate, and recover from disease and all hazard incidents at the local level. It is configurable for use by individual agencies based on state-specific requirements, including integration with other commercial off-the-shelf software.

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USALIMS is a Microsoft-based “smart client” application designed to provide comprehensive support for all administrative workflow in animal laboratories. It manages all data related to specimens, accessions, test results, etc. It provides automated client report generation, distribution, an auditing; advanced search options; stored comments and shortcuts; and client account and billing management functions.

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USAPlants is Microsoft-based data repository for managing licenses, certificates, coursework, laboratory testing, and other aspects of the plant industry. It is a stand-alone component of the AgraGuard suite of software used by the agriculture departments of multiple states.
USAPlants supports registration of pesticides; feed, fertilizer, and lime (FFL) producers; soil/plant amendments and other regulated products; as well as licensing for nurseries/dealers, apiaries, seed distributors, and more. It includes a disconnected component that enables field inspectors to use a laptop or tablet PC to collect samples from nurseries and dealers, record data, and synchronize their work with the host repository. Staff can use it to generate inspection reports and certificates on-site.

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USAFoodSafety is an enterprise system that consolidates food, health, and public safety information from state and local governments into a state-wide repository. It seamlessly integrates the workflow for licensing, mobile inspections, certification, recall & trace back, complaints, enforcements, laboratory sampling, and billing and accounting processes.  There are four major components of USAFoodSafety: mobile disconnected inspections; a web portal for facilities to renew and apply for licenses; a web portal for citizens to view inspection reports; and an executive dashboard for near real-time visibility and trending of revenue, inspections, complaints and violations.  USAFOODSAFETY is pre-configured with over 100 business programs such as manufactured food, retail food, eggs/fruit/vegetables, seafood, milk, schools, swimming pools, hotel and the list is growing with each state and local government addition.

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USAMeals is a Microsoft web-based application used to manage multiple federally funded programs such as the National School Lunch Program and The Emergency Food Assistance Program. It also assists in the distribution and tracking of funds sent to eligible Women, Infant and Children (WIC) and senior recipients as part of the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.

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